7 Simple steps we follow to get your business online

1. Understand Your Business

Goal Identification

We get to understand your business and identify goals that we will focus on while designing the website.

This will be a collaborative process on designing an online identity that will sell your products/services.

Scope Definition

Every element in the design process will be defined in this step making it easy for the business goals to be achieved.

We will set up a scope of the project with the timeline of how each element on the design will be executed and budget.

2. Design


This contains all the pages that will be in the website project and how each page relates to the other hence helps in the structure of the website and the navigation.


A sitemap will help us in the designing of the wireframe. A wireframe will show the structure of the website with navigation and content on each page.

Visual Design

With the sitemap and wireframes in place, we will come up with the visual design of how the website will look like when displayed on a browser. The company’s brand will be conveyed in the design of the website.

The logo, colors and any brand elements of the company will be needed in this process so that the company’s brand can be used coherently on the design.

3. Develop

Content Management System CMS

A content management system (CMS) will be integrated on the design of the website. A CMS makes editing of the website simpler and faster.

Your staff will be trained on how to manage the wbsite once it is complete.

Content Input

After the CMS has been implemented in the design, we will insert your content on the website.

4. Optimize

Seach Engine Optimization

Your website needs to be visible on search results for it to sell its products and services. We will optimize your website using best techniques for it to rank on the first page using relevant keywords.

5. Test


It is important to test how the website will look on different browsers and fix any related issues for best user experience.


We will test all links to make sure there are no broken links.

Responsive Design

Responsive design will help in user experience of the website. We will make sure the website can be accessed in different devices while still conform to the brand identity of the company.

6. Launch

Go Live

After all tests are done, we will launch the website.

Social Media

We will let the world know about the website once it is live on different social media platforms.

7. Maintain

  • Analyze website statistics
  • Repair broken links
  • Improve search ranking

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